The tickets for the 26th Blueslawine cost € 33,00 when bought in advance (incl. fees) or € 38,00 at the door. Ticket sales begins on December 1st.

There are six ways to get a ticket:

1. For the gambler

You try your luck at the door (opens 18:30 on March 7th 2020)...
If you want to be sure to get in, though, buy your ticket in advance – they are in high demand!

2. For the rambler

You book a room at the Dom-Hotel (+49 541 35835-0) or at the Hotel am Nikolaiort (+49 541 33130-0) and request the "Bluesverstärker super special deal": one night in a single room at € 88,00 or in a double room at € 135,00 (both en suite and including breakfast). Not only the ticket(s), but also a nice little gift is included in the price!
The "Haus der Jugend" is just 500 m away – a wholesome stroll through the old town.

3. For the impatient

You address one of the ticket agents below right away, and request urgent service...

Haus der Jugend
0541 323-4178

TouristInformation OS/OS-Land

Bierstraße 22/23
0541 323-2202

NOZ-Ticket Shop
0541 310-744

4. For the impulsive

Nip over to our adjacent Fan Shop and order your ticket there, right here, right now! A few days later it will be in your mailbox. No GiroLive rebate, though…
Tickets can be ordered until the evening of March 1st, (or until the Blueslawine is sold out).

5. For the brave

You put a pile of money in an envelope, add a self-addressed envelope and send it all to:

Bluesverstärker e.V.
c/o Wolfgang Lampe
Höltyweg 23
49082 Osnabrück.

You'll then find the tickets in your mailbox in a few days...

6. For the fast

We will again give away a few tickets during some of our radio programs on OS-Radio. If you are in the Osnabrück area, know enough German to know when and where to call, have a fast finger and some luck, you might get a ticket that way! At least you can enjoy some good music trying...