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PAUL JONES (Vocals, Harp) was a founding member of MANFRED MANN, one of the most succesful british bands in the '60s. Late 1979 Paul Jones decided to start a band of his own, now known as the BLUES BAND. The band members today: Paul Jones, Tom McGuinness, Rob Townsend, Dave Kelly and Gary Fletcher.

TOM MCGUINNESS (Guitar) started his musical career in the early '60s as well. His first band, THE ROOSTERS, counted a young ERIC BURDON among its members. In 1965 McGuinness also joined MANFRED MANN. He stayed on until 1969, playing an important role in the band landing several hits with DYLAN covers ("With God On Our Side", "Just Like A Woman", "Mighty Quinn"), through his guitar arrangements. In the early '70s he started MCGUINNESS FLINT, and was an active songwriter and producer before taking up PAULs offer to co-found the BLUES BAND.

ROB TOWNSHEND (Drums) is one of the most experienced Rhythm and Blues drummers in the UK. Among others he played in FAMILY with the singer ROGER CHAPMAN.

DAVE KELLY (Slide Guitar, Vocals) started out touring folk clubs with an acoustic guitar. Later he played in his own band together with his sister JO ANN, and developed into one of the most renowned slide guitarists in the UK. As co-vocalist and (obviously) as slide guitarist he is the perfect complement to PAUL and TOM in the BLUES BAND.

GARY FLETCHER (Bass) is the youngest member of the band. His musical track record may not reach as far back as that of his partners, but together with ROB he lays a very solid and dynamic rhythm foundation for the BLUES BAND.