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Doug Jay & The Blue Jays will be the third band on stage. Doug hails from Washington D.C. but has been living in Osnabrück for a number of years now.
He has been "on the road" since the mid 70s. In the 80s he spent a couple of years in the band of Bob Margolin, who used to play the guitar with Muddy Waters.
The Blue Jays in its present set-up got going in 2000 – Christoph "Jimmy" Reiter on guitar and André Werkmeister on drums, both from Osnabrück, and Jasper Mortier from Amsterdam on bass.

They are joined on stage by Christian Rannenberg on piano, who needs no further introduction in Osnabrück, although he is now living in Berlin. Thomas Feldmann, equally well known in the area, will play the saxophone. Sax Gordon Beadle from the US East Coast, also not unknown in Osnabrück, even sports his instrument in the name.

With a line-up of such harp prowess, we might stand a chance for an impromptu all-stars midnight blow-out, if we are lucky...