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Our second top act will "bring the Blueslawine home". Pete Haycock was the front man and lead guitarist in the Climax Blues Band for many years.
Later Haycock started a solo career that gave us albums like "Guitar & Son" and "Biker's Dozen" .
Many famous film scores are feature Pete's distinctive lead and slide guitar playing. These include "Thelma & Louise", "Drop Zone" and "K 2", just to name a few.

In his own new project, Pete Haycock's True Blues, he enters into captivating guitar duels with his colleague from the band "Mr. B. Is Moving", Glen Turner, a 55-year-old British musician who lives in Frankfurt am Main.

Paul Harriman is the same vintage and comes from Doncaster, Yorkshire. He is a bass player through and through. A musician since 1969 with thousands of club appearances under his belt, he settled in Germanyin 1986.
He plays bass for Anne Haigis, Edo Zanki, Purple Schulz et al. In 1994 he founded his own group: Expedition. He caracterizes himself as "half- deaf, full gray and repeatedly dad".

Also from Germany is the drummer Matthias Ladewig .

A CD of this group is on the market since 2007, simply called "Live", with wonderful blues and instrumental versions. A studio CD is said to be in the works.