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1lawflyerFebruary 5th, 1994

The First Class Blues Band
The Dalton Brothers Blues Gang
The Bluescasters
Blues Factory
Pauls Blues Combo



The first Osnabrück Blues Lawine (Avalanche)
in the "Haus der Jugend" on 5. Februar 1994

A high-class start


It was almost too much. Six-and-a-half hours of almost continuous high-quality blues, a packed-full Haus der Jugend and relaxed festival atmosphere made the first Osnabrück Blues Lawine an artistic and financial success. Well over 500 friends of this style of music repaid the work of the voluntary Bluesverstärker ("Blues Amplifiers/Supporters" – the double meaning is intentional) who initiated the avalanche to give a cross-section of the vibrant scene of the blue notes in the region.

To the very finest with whom Blues gourmets at the present time can indulge themselves belong the "First Class Blues Band" of the Osnabrück pianist Christian Rannenberg. As top act and supported by "the brown angel" Angela Brown, as awaited, the five renown musicians, set the standard. The polish and glitter was provided especially by the saxophone player Thomas Feldmann whose love and art of playing seem to be boundless. And he earned himself a kiss from her when he paid hommage to the blues on his knees before Angela Brown.

Burkhard Teschner etched out the musical face of the "Dalton Brothers Blues Gang" with his many-faceted voice. Teschner's stage presence and show talent made up for the rather thin saxophone sound and powerfully warmed the hall on the solid foundation of the gum-chewing drummer, Hans Gerrits.

With the "Bluescasters" Thomas Feldmann demonstrated his mastery once more, this time on the blues-harp as well. His breath-taking, dynamic playing drove the "Casters" before him, his extraordinary feeling for melodic line in quiet pieces producing a tangible atmosphere. Applause after nearly every solo and not least his appearance in two top bands made Feldmann the musical leading player of the Lawine.

The "Q-Blues-Band" from Münster ticks with Gerhard Gorke's art. The tall blonde with the black soul dominates the music of the band with his deep, warm, nuanced voice and cool expert harp.

The "Blues Factory" from Lingen provided the wet blanket of the night. Their fidgety yet monotonous gig did not gain from the clowning elements supplied.

"Pauls Blues Combo" had to cope with the difficult role as an opening act. It isn't easy to create a blues feeling that early in the evening.

Looking at the sheer abundance, less might have been more. The fitness and excitement potential even in the hardy Osnabrück blues community has its limits. However, this community now looks forward to the next Lawine. Let's hope that this success encourages the "Verstärker" to continue.

(NOZ on 08.02.1994, Burkhard Riepenhoff)
(Translation: Dennis Newson)

(Photos: Eric Schäfer)