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Mark Hummel, a true harp virtuoso, and his band "The Blues Survivors" also hail from the States. He is among a handful of the best players worldwide of this little "Mississippi Saxophone". At this gig "The Blues Survivors" are: Rusty Zinn guitar, Bob Welsh bass und Marty Dodson drums.
Hummel was born in New Haven, CT, and now lives on the West Coast in California. In his early years, he soaked up the music of the harp aces Little Walter Jacobs, James Cotton and Sonny Boy Williamson from Chicago.
He is producing and playing the yearly "Blues Harp Meltdown" since 1991, to which he is inviting other renown harpists

True to this habit, he is joined by a couple of other artists for his gig at the Blueslawine in Osnabrück. The Londoner Steve Baker, nowadays resident in Germany, and Keith Dunn, who has also chosen to live in Europe, will add their touch to the evening.
Baker is a well known name in the harp scene. Besides playing, he writes books on the subject and offers workshops.
Keith Dunn was born in Boston, and came to Europe via Austin, Texas and San Francisco. His solo album "Alone With The Blues" earned him two songwriter awards. He is also active as a studio artist.